Our Philosophy

At Together Planning, our mission is to help as many people as possible worry less and enjoy their lives more, through complete financial planning and thoughtful investment management strategies. We believe that everyone can benefit from a comprehensive financial plan to help guide their decisions, get the most from their resources, and achieve their goals. For this reason, we do not limit our practice to a particular profession, income level, or net worth. Instead, our clients have in common a desire to make smart decisions, a sense of financial stewardship and responsibility, and a strong commitment to family and enjoying life.

We are a family firm, founded by Jud Mallini, along with his dad Tom Mallini and his two sisters, Lia Bertelson and Ginny Knoll. We selected the name “Together Planning” because it speaks to our mission on several levels. First, this firm is something we are doing together as a family. We are committed to working together and succeeding together. Second, we view financial planning as a partnership between ourselves and our clients. We work together to develop and implement a plan that will help our clients achieve their goals. Finally, many of our clients are couples or families. Our work with them is collaborative and helps those couples and families align their goals, create a common vision for the future, and agree on a path to achieving it. 

We believe that every person and every family can benefit from having a comprehensive plan in place to help them meet the goals that are important to them.  No matter your income or net worth, strategic planning can help you improve your decision making and your outcomes.  We believe that life is too short to live unhappily, and our goal in financial planning is to increase happiness. We believe that work should be fun and rewarding, both financially and in a sense of personal accomplishment. Our clients work hard, and we can help them maximize the benefits of their hard work. Helping individuals and families attain financial success is important work, and we are proud to do it.

We believe that long term success in investing is best achieved by matching your strategy to your goals, and then sticking with that strategy through the inevitable ups and downs of the markets. We do not believe in timing the market or trying to beat the market. We do believe in helping our clients understand what they are invested in and what to expect from those investments in the short-term and long-term.  We value transparency and we help our clients see the potential return, potential volatility, expected income, and annual expense for every holding in their portfolio. 


  1. Work together toward our common mission. We are one team, moving in the same direction.
  2. Do our best and strive for the highest quality of work and customer service.
  3. Promote a positive, professional work environment at all times. We help each other succeed and respect the value of our differences in our quest for success. When we fall short, we acknowledge it and make a plan to improve.
  4. Communicate, collaborate, and welcome input from all team members. We work together as a team, foster a fun work environment, and celebrate success.
  5. Practice gratitude, appreciate what we have, and share with others.