What We Do

Financial Planning

We will help you identify and develop your goals and take an inventory of the resources that can help you meet them, then we will develop a plan to get the most of those resources and increase the likelihood of success in meeting your goals.

Investment Management

Investing doesn't need to be complicated or intimidating. Together Planning works with you to develop an investment strategy that will help you meet your short-term and long-term goals. Our goal is to bring transparency to investing.

College Pre-Approval™

Begin the college search with confidence. Submit financial and academic data for your high school student. Meet with us and receive a report about the expected net cost of your top college targets. We'll give detailed advice about how to fund their education.​

Hourly Planning

Do you just need a few questions answered, or a second opinion on your investment strategy? Together Planning can meet your needs without requiring a full financial planning engagement.

Financial Planning


Discover possibilities and plan for the short-term and long-term goals that matter most to you and your family. ​

Bring your whole financial picture into focus by condensing all the information into one easy-to-understand plan. 

We don’t sell any insurance products, but we can do the analysis to help you decide how much coverage you need and how to shop for it.

Get the most from your resources, such as pensions and social security by using the strategy that will best meet your needs.

Equip yourself with knowledge about how much college is likely to cost for your children and develop a detailed plan for how you will save and pay for it. ​

Put your hard-earned money to its highest and best use by knowing whether to pay off debt, save cash, or invest.  Match your investment allocation to your financial plan to achieve the highest likelihood of success.


During this call we will discuss what kind of services you need and if Together Planning is the right fit for you.

We use this first phase to discuss your needs, wants, and wishes so we can begin to craft a financial plan to help you achieve the goals that matter to you. We will provide a list of the important documents we need to gather from you to do the work. We’ll finish with a risk tolerance assessment so we can advise you on a investment portfolio matched to your individual needs and goals.

At the end of this phase, if you choose to work with us, we will gather some key information from you and send you a financial planning agreement to sign electronically. 

At this time, the initial $500 deposit is due.

We provide a secure email link so that you can upload documents at your convenience. You can always bring paper copies to our meetings if you prefer. We may have several conversations during this phase (in person, on the phone, or by email) to clarify data and perhaps request more details.

We’ll present you an individualized financial plan, including an investment policy statement, to help you meet your financial goals. This plan will be a “roadmap” that we’ll continue to alter on an annual basis as your life and goals change. We call this a “phase” rather than an event, because there may be several scenarios that you would like to consider, and we will take the time to work with you and make sur that your plan reflects the path that appeals most to you.

At the point of completion of the initial plan, the remaining unpaid initial financial planning fee is due.

Our clients typically choose to stay engaged following the initial plan completion. We provide online access to the financial plan, support with financial decisions throughout the year, and regular conversations about your progress. Once a year we will complete a formal plan review to ensure your goals and other data are current, and to measure and celebrate your success.

We’ll also always be just a call, text, or email away to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Life doesn’t adhere to a routine and neither do we, we’re always available when you need us.

If we manage your investment accounts of $250,000 or more, there is no additional fee for ongoing financial planning support.  If we don’t manage your accounts, you can engage us for ongoing support and online access for an annual fee of $1,200, which is billed in quarterly installments of $300.

Investment Management


We use top-notch software that allows us to show you clearly the risk in your portfolio, the potential return, the expected dividends, and the expense ratio. Know that the only money we make is the money you pay us.  We don’t get paid commissions on any investments, so you don’t have to wonder why we recommend any particular holding.

We believe that investing is most successful when the asset allocation matches the objectives and timeline of the investor, and when the investor sticks with the strategy through market changes. We develop asset allocations based on your risk tolerance and what your financial plan tells us you need to achieve in your portfolio to meet your goals.

Minimize the tax drag on your portfolio with tax-efficient holdings in the right accounts, using tax-favorable investments in taxable accounts and tax-heavy investments in tax-deferred accounts.  Harvest tax losses and minimize capital gains realizations.

Surprises in the stock market are not always fun. Know with confidence how much risk is in your portfolio and what is likely to happen in various market scenarios.

Investing for growth is one thing, but generating income to cover living expenses with investments in retirement can be a whole new challenge.  Our income investing model can help you do just that.

Our client portal lets you see performance data for your overall portfolio, for any one account, or even any one holding for any period you want to measure.  You never have to wonder how an investment has done or how it is calculated.  We review the performance with you regularly, and we are always here to help you understand what you are invested in and why.


During this call we will discuss what kind of services you need and if Together Planning is the right fit for you.

During the discovery phase, we will spend time learning about your goals as an investor, your primary concerns, your investment philosophy, and your comfort level with various types of securities.  We will also share with you our own investment philosophy, our tools and techniques for managing accounts, and our approach to investment management. We will show you our client portal, which is the dashboard from which you can monitor your account balances and performance, download statements and tax documents, review any documents you have submitted to us, and notes from our meetings.

We will complete a risk tolerance assessment together so we can create a customized investment portfolio matched to your individual needs. We will also gather statements from your existing accounts and put the information into your software.  We will talk with you about your current investments and the strengths and weaknesses of your current portfolio.  We will bring transparency to your current situation, helping you understand the risk and potential return in your portfolio, as well as the expense ratio and the expected income.

To open your account(s), we will gather some key information from you and send you the account application(s) to sign electronically. If there are accounts to transfer, we will complete the forms for you or help you make the requests.

We’ll present you an individualized investment policy statement to help you meet your financial goals. This plan will be a “roadmap” that we’ll continue to alter on an annual basis as your life and goals change, or more frequently as needed. In the meantime, we will be monitoring the performance in your accounts and occasionally making small changes to improve performance, including rebalancing or replacing securities.

We’ll review your investments with us regularly to keep you updated on overall market trends and your portfolios performance. Most clients request a quarterly meeting at first, and then change to semi-annual once they are comfortable with how things are going.

We’ll also always be just a call, text, or email away to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our mission is to help our clients worry less and enjoy their lives more. If you are worried about your investments, we want to talk with you and answer your questions so that you can enjoy your life with confidence.

College Pre-Approval™

Together Planning wants to go beyond the analysis of how much to save in a 529 plan and help you manage and meet the cost of college with confidence. We are now offering College Pre-Approval™ to families with college-bound children.​

The College Pre-Approval™ process is similar to qualifying for a mortgage before shopping for a home—it will help you develop a list of desirable schools that you can afford without jeopardizing your retirement. The best time to complete this process is your child’s freshman, sophomore or junior year of high school.


We will review your finances and determine a budget for your child’s education, based on the savings you have set aside for college, the monthly cash flow you will be able to set aside before and during college, and the amount of loans you are comfortable with your student borrowing.

Develop your “College Criteria” (distance from home, urban vs. rural, majors offered, job placement services, graduation rates, etc.). We will discuss your own college experience and what you and your student are seeking in a college so that we can generate ideas to meet that expectation at a cost you can afford.

Develop your list of safety, target, and reach schools (6 to 8 Schools). Your student may have some top choices in mind already.  We can add those targets to the software and search for others that may be a good fit for your student and your budget.

Project what your Expected Family Contribution will be, as determined by the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile. These must be completed to be considered for any type of aid, including the Hope scholarship and merit awards, so it is worth doing even if you are sure you will not qualify for need-based aid.

Determine your estimated “net cost” (out of pocket) for each of your schools after merit and/or need based financial aid. The “sticker price” of any particular college is not relevant.  What matters is the net cost after awards of merit-based and need-based aid.  Often there are schools on the list with a net cost that is lower than you might imagine for your student.

Assess academic and financial strategies to improve your situation. We will explore strategies to reduce your Expected Family Contribution, to maximize potential for tax credits, and create a year-by-year plan for how to pay the bills as they come in. 


During this call we will discuss what kind of services you need and if Together Planning is the right fit for you.

We will provide you a list of the financial and academic data that we need from you prior to our meeting. We will provide a secure email link that you can use to submit your documents at your convenience.

The $500 College Planning fee is due at this time.

Once we have all the necessary information, we will complete your college pre-approval and funding plan and we will be ready to meet with you.  At our meeting, you will receive a detailed report with your Expected Family Contribution, the expected Net Cost of attendance at the schools on your child’s target list, and suggestions of other schools that you may want to consider (if applicable).  The report will include information about scholarships available at the target schools, including requirements and deadlines.

Hourly Planning

If you are comfortable doing many financial planning and investment management tasks on your own, but you would like to run your ideas or concerns by a CFP®, our hourly consulting service will meet your needs. Together Planning would define the scope of the work in advance, and we can help with these topics on a one-time or periodic basis:


Listed below are just some of the services we can provide through hourly financial consulting.


During this call we will discuss what kind of services you need and if Together Planning is the right fit for you.

We will provide you a list of what information we will need to provide you with the answers you are seeking.  The information we need, as well as the estimated time required will vary according to what topis you would like us to help you with. We can provide hourly consulting as a one-time service, or ongoing, periodic advice on the following topics:

  • Income/Cash Flow/Budget Analysis and Advice
  • Investment Analysis/Asset Allocation/Investment Counseling and Advice
  • Education Needs Analysis and Planning
  • Retirement Needs Analysis and Planning
  • Life Insurance Review including Policy Analysis
  • Disability Insurance Review including Policy Analysis
  • Estate Analysis/Estate Planning Advice
  • Charitable Giving Planning
  • Employee Benefit Analysis and Advice


We collect $400 in consulting fees before the first meeting.  This covers our preparation time and the initial one-hour meeting.

Once we have all the necessary information, we will complete your analysis and be ready to meet with you.  At our meeting, you will receive a draft report with our initial findings.  We may make changes to this after our meeting, based on additional information or input we receive from you there.  We will send an email with a final version of our advice to you.