Why Do Both

Our preference is to provide both Financial Planning and Investment Management for our clients, as we believe this leads to a better, more holistic client experience. For clients that choose to do both with us, we waive ongoing financial planning fees when the accounts we manage for that client reach a total of $250,000. At this amount, our fees ($2,500 per year) are close to what we would charge them for ongoing financial planning ($3,000 per year).

We welcome conversations about fees.

For most of our clients, we use the Assets Under Management (AUM) fee model because we believe it represents a proxy for how complicated a client’s financial situation will be, and how much time it will take us to serve them. As a client’s total assets and net worth increase, the complexity of their financial situation generally increases, as well as the amount of time and resources needed by us to care for them. The AUM fee model is simple to understand, treats everyone the same, and is often easier than the flat fee model to determine how much we need to charge a client for our expertise and time. As a client’s complexity increases, so does our fee.

We have found that our clients value our comprehensive approach to financial planning and investment management, particularly when they are bundled together. We want our clients to feel comfortable they are receiving great value from their experience with us, so we welcome conversations about fees.