You Are Dust
Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a day for showering love on family, friends, and even strangers. In my faith tradition, yesterday was also Ash Wednesday, the first day of the 40-day period leading up to Easter. Along with many others, I went to my church to receive ashes on my forehead and hear the message “Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.” This is something I have done many times in my life, but this year I think the message finally sunk in a bit. Like so many others, I spend each day cramming in as much as I possibly can, running from one thing to the next, constantly aware of what else needs to be done. It was a helpful reminder that all of my efforts to be and to do the best I can will not change the fact that I am dust and will return to dust at a date unknown.

What does this have to do with financial planning?

We help people plan carefully to make sure they will be able to meet their own needs for the rest of their lives. We work with them to think through what is important to them, how much money they will need to be able to do the things they want to do, and then create a plan to save and invest and meet those goals. A “risk” we all face now is that we are living longer. We must be prepared to sustain ourselves for many years beyond retirement. Financial planning can help you prepare for a long life. But that is not all that financial planning does.
Having a plan also gives you back the time that you might otherwise spend worrying about money.
When you have a financial plan, you can rest at night knowing that you are on track. You can budget for vacations and feel good about career decisions, knowing that you will be financially okay. Having a plan will help you enjoy your life more in the present, and savor the time that you have with your loved ones and doing the things you enjoy. Because the fact is, we don’t really know when the story will end. We will all return to dust one day. While we must plan for a long life, we also must enjoy the time we have, knowing that there are no guarantees. If you are unhappy in your career, or spend time worrying about your financial future, let’s do some work on your plan. Let’s figure out a way for you to enjoy your days more. All the money in the world can’t add a day to your life, so let’s make sure you are living the life you want.

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