Accessing your Client Portals

Welcome to the clients page! Currently we use two distinct portals to provide our clients with a robust tool set that delivers in-depth planning as well as detailed investment information and documents. We know it can be a little confusing to have two portals, so we have included some information below to help you navigate them.

Investment Portal

This portal is for clients who have accounts with us. This is where you can see detailed information about each of your accounts, including holdings and performance. This is also where you will find statements and tax documents. In the document vault of this portal, you can upload anything that you want to share with us, and we also share documents with you.

Planning Portal

This portal is for clients who have completed a financial plan with us. This is where you can see your likelihood of success and detailed reports related to your long-term projections. You can link external accounts (that we don’t manage) to your plan so that your net worth statement and your likelihood of success stay up to date. Instructions for linking accounts are below. This portal does not have a document vault or the detailed account information that are included in the investment portal.

Schwab Alliance Client Portal

In addition to the two portals Together Planning has set up for our clients, investment management clients can login directly to the Schwab Alliance Client site to view additional account details and manage their profiles. Due to security protocols, we are unable to change client address and contact information with Schwab, and we are unable to enroll our clients in electronic statement delivery. Those tasks must be done by each client on Schwab’s Alliance website. Each account owner needs their own login (for example, one spouse can’t opt the other spouse into electronic delivery for IRA or Roth accounts). New users need their account numbers handy to establish access. Give us a call when you are setting up your login for this site and we can provide the account number and walk you through the simple process.