What We Do

We believe that every person and every family can benefit from having a comprehensive plan in place to help them meet the goals that are important to them.  Life is too short to live unhappily, and our goal in financial planning is to increase happiness. Work should be fun and rewarding, both financially and in a sense of personal accomplishment. Our clients work hard, and we aim  to help them maximize the benefits of their hard work. Helping individuals and families attain financial success is important work, and we are proud to do it.

Our Services

Retirement Planning

Investment Management


Risk and Insurance Planning

Estate Planning

Coordination with Advisors

Education & Student Loan Planning

Employee Benefits Planning

Stock Option & Equity Compensation Planning

Alternative Investments & Real Estate

Business Planning

Financial Planning & Investment Management Work Together

Investments are an important component of every financial plan. We believe that long term success in investing is best achieved by matching your strategy to your goals, and then sticking with that strategy through the inevitable ups and downs of the markets. We do not believe in timing the market or trying to beat the market. We do believe in helping our clients understand what they are invested in and what to expect from those investments in the short-term and long-term.  We value transparency and we help our clients see the potential return, potential risk, expected income, and annual expense for every holding in their portfolio.  When we manage your portfolio in addition to creating your financial plan, we are able to provide a higher level of service, handling the trading, transfers, and paperwork.

Simple Transparent Pricing

FIRST $0-$1,000,000

1.5% AUM
  • Annual Fee Billed Quarterly

$1,000,000 - $2,000,000

1.0% AUM
  • Annual Fee Billed Quarterly

OVER $2,000,000

0.5% AUM
  • Annual Fee Billed Quarterly
For example, an investment of $1,500,000 would be billed at 1.5% for the first million and then 1% on the next $500,000. 
The fee is stated as an annual percentage, billed quarterly in arrears.

What if I only need planning, and not investment management?

Occasionally we work with clients to help them develop a plan and they don’t need assistance with managing their accounts. In those cases, we charge a flat fee for the initial plan or $4,500 – $10,000 and, if the client wishes to continue working together, an ongoing annual planning fee that depends on the individual needs of the client. The ongoing annual fee is billed quarterly.

What if I only need asset management, and not financial planning?

Some clients just need help with the investment management tasks and not with a holistic plan. For those clients, we may be able to charge a lower asset management fee. Talk to us about what your needs are and let’s see how we can help!

What is the process? How can I get started?

The graphic below outlines the process for clients who engage us for both financial planning and investment management.

Initial Contact

Schedule a 30 Minute Call - Tell us about yourself and what has led you to seek financial planning and investment management advice.

Onboarding & Data Gathering

We will ask you to complete an online Financial Planning

Questionnaire and submit any documents needed via secure upload.

We will then send you our financial planning and investment

management agreements and the first part of our fee would be required.

Goal Setting

We will meet again to outline your expectations, concerns, and goals. 

This will include completing a risk tolerance assessment to help

develop your investment philosophy.

Plan Design

Plan Design includes clarifying plan assumptions and highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your plan. 

This will allow us to make prelimary recommendations and craft the

planning scenario that best matches your vision.

Plan Presentation

At the plan presentation meeting we will finalize the initial plan

and review the list of action items. We will also agree on a strategy for implementation of each recommendation.  At this point, we will also

send you a investment policy statement for signature.


During implementation, we will open and transfer accounts using

electronic forms.  We will also help you access your client portal and complete any recommended action items.


We will meet regularly to review tax opportunities and financial

tasks that need to be completed.  In the meantime you will update

us on changes in your situation and goals.

We will also meet and review your investments and update you on overall market trends and your portfolio’s performance.