Financial Planning

We will help you identify and develop your goals and take an inventory of the resources that can help you meet them, then we will develop a plan to get the most of those resources and increase the likelihood of success in meeting your goals.

Our Services

Cashflow & Debt Management

Education Planning

Student Loan Planning

Employee Benefits Review

Estate Planning

Retirement Planning

Risk and Insurance Planning


Tax Planning

Advisor Coordination

Business Planning

Special Circumstances

Our Process

Step 1
Schedule a 30-minute Phone Call

In this first conversation, we will start by listening to you as you tell us about yourself and what has led you to seek financial planning advice. Then, we will tell you about our firm and our services and see if we can provide what you are looking for.

Step 2
Gather Basic Information and Sign Agreement

We will send you our online Financial Planning Questionnaire. For now, you can just complete the first page. Once we have your basic information, we will send you our financial planning agreement to review and sign. At this point, we collect the first $1,200 of your plan fee.

Step 3
Discovery Meeting

We use this first meeting to discuss your expectations, concerns, and goals, so we can begin to craft a financial plan to help you achieve the goals that matter to you. We’ll finish with a risk tolerance assessment so we can advise you on an investment portfolio matched to your individual needs and goals—an important component of any financial plan.

Step 4
Data Gathering

Our online fact finder allows you to submit documents directly to us in a secure format. Once you complete your submission, we will look over the information and ask for more details if needed. Then, we get to work building your plan.

Step 5
Planning Meeting

In this second meeting, we will go through the plan inputs, ask you some clarifying questions, and make sure we understand your situation. We will also look at preliminary results and a few possible planning scenarios. Together, we will craft the planning scenario that best matches your goals.

Step 6
Draft Review

After the planning meeting, we will send you drafts of your financial plan and other supporting reports. We give you time to check for errors and any changes you would like us to make. You may think of another scenario that you would like to see, and we are happy to add another one.

Step 7
Action Meeting

Once you have had a chance to review your draft plan and consider other questions, we will meet again to finalize. We will review the list of action items and discuss a strategy for implementation and ongoing monitoring of your plan. If you choose to engage us for investment management, we will begin the account opening process at this meeting.

Step 8
Final Draft and Invoice

After the action meeting, we will send you final copies of your plan. Then we will bill you for the remaining portion of your initial planning fee.

Our Pricing

Simple and Transparent Flat Fee


$ 3,500
  • A comprehensive, written financial plan might include:
  • Cashflow & Debt Management
  • Education Planning
  • Investments
  • Student Loan Planning
  • Employee Benefits
  • Estate Planning, including Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Retirement Planning, including Social Security Timing & Pension Election
  • Risk & Insurance Planning
  • Tax Planning, including Tax-Efficient Distribution Planning
  • Business Planning, including Transition Planning
  • Stock Option Planning
  • Alternative Investments & Real Estate
  • Advisor Coordination


  • Financial Planning fees may be discounted or waived for clients who also engage us for investment management. We find that we are able to provide a deeper level of service when we provide both financial planning and asset management to our clients, so we prefer to enter into relationships where we can provide both. For this reason, we will sometimes discount the financial planning fee or waive it altogether at the beginning of a relationship.
  • Following the completion and delivery of the financial plan, clients can retain our firm for ongoing financial support with or without engaging us for asset management services. If the client wishes to retain our financial planning only, we will charge an annual fee, which will be negotiated at the time the ongoing agreement is signed, based upon the complexity and nature of the plan.