Investment Management

Investing doesn’t need to be complicated or intimidating. Together Planning works with you to develop an investment strategy that will help you meet your short-term and long-term goals. Our goal is to bring transparency to investing.

Our Services

Account Creation

Ditch the call centers and frustrating delays. We save you time by helping you open your investment accounts and set up automatic investment plans as needed.

Asset Allocation

We will help you measure your tolerance for risk when investing for various goals. We will then help you allocate investments based on your goals and risk tolerance to improve efficiency.

Tax Efficiency

Minimize the tax drag on your portfolio with tax-efficient holdings in the right accounts, using tax-favorable investments in taxable accounts and tax-heavy investments in tax-deferred accounts.  Harvest tax losses and minimize capital gains realizations.


We rebalance your accounts which is critical to maintaining your asset allocation over time. 

Risk Analysis

Surprises in the stock market are not always fun. Know with confidence how much risk is in your portfolio and what is likely to happen in various market scenarios.

Review Meetings

We will meet at least twice a year to review investment performance and determine if any changes in your life necessitate adjusting your investment plan. 


We use top-notch software that allows us to show you clearly the risk in your portfolio, the potential return, the expected dividends, and the expense ratio. Know that the only money we make is the money you pay us.  We don’t get paid commissions on any investments, so you don’t have to wonder why we recommend any particular holding.

Performance Tracking

Our client portal lets you see performance data for your overall portfolio, for any one account, or even any one holding for any period you want to measure.  You never have to wonder how an investment has done or how it is calculated.  We review the performance with you regularly, and we are always here to help you understand what you are invested in and why.

Online Tools

You will have 24/7 access to your investment accounts with us on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Outside account aggregation allows you to see all your investment accounts in one place. 

Our Process

Step 1
Schedule a 30-minute Phone Call

In this first conversation, we will start by listening to you as you tell us about yourself and what has led you to seek investment advice. Then, we will tell you about our firm and our services and see if we can provide what you are looking for.

Step 2
Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, we will spend time learning about your goals as an investor, your primary concerns, your investment philosophy, and your comfort level with various types of securities.  We will also share with you our own investment philosophy, our tools and techniques for managing accounts, and our approach to investment management. We will show you our client portal, which is the dashboard from which you can monitor your account balances and performance, monitor the risk of your investments, download statements and tax documents, review any documents you have submitted to us, and notes from our meetings.

Step 3
Data Gathering and Account Opening

We will complete a risk tolerance assessment together so we can create a customized investment portfolio matched to your individual needs. We will also gather statements from your existing accounts and put the information into our software.  We will talk with you about your current investments and the strengths and weaknesses of your current portfolio.  We will bring transparency to your current situation, helping you understand the risk and potential return in your portfolio, as well as the expense ratio and the expected income.

To open your account(s), we will gather some key information from you and send you the account application(s) to sign electronically. If there are accounts to transfer, we will complete the forms for you or help you make the requests.

Step 4
Plan Presentation Phase

We’ll present you an individualized investment policy statement to help you meet your financial goals. This plan will be a “roadmap” that we’ll continue to alter on an annual basis as your life and goals change, or more frequently as needed. In the meantime, we will be monitoring the performance in your accounts, regularly rebalancing and making adjustments when your needs or goals change.

Step 5
Step 5 - Ongoing Implementation and Review

We’ll review your investments with us regularly to keep you updated on overall market trends and your portfolios performance. Most clients request a quarterly meeting at first, and then change to semi-annual once they are comfortable with how things are going.

We’ll also always be just a call, text, or email away to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our mission is to help our clients worry less and enjoy their lives more. If you are worried about your investments, we want to talk with you and answer your questions so that you can enjoy your life with confidence.

Our Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing.

FIRST $0-$2,000,000


OVER $2,000,000

For example, an investment of $2,500,000 would be billed at 1% for the first two million and then 0.5% on the next $500,000.

The fee is stated as an annual percentage, billed quarterly in arrears.