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Together Planning helps clients navigate the markets

Together Planning’s Lia Bertelson shared her thoughts with the Atlanta Business Chronicle about how we are helping our financial planning and investment management clients navigate market volatility.

Financial advisors manage client concerns

“Some clients are also selling off high-priced stocks to invest in better bargains. “Re-balancing your portfolio has been a strategy that has worked for people,” said Lia Bertelson, a certified financial planner with Together Planning. “When you see an investment that has grown significantly, take some profits and invest in something that is a little bit undervalued.

To take advantage of market volatility, managers will sometimes spread out the purchase of stocks over a few months, which might ease a client’s apprehension but not create better returns, she added.

Lia Bertelson

Lia Bertelson

The research says it’s better to put your money in all at once, but that’s not always great for someone’s emotional well-being,” Bertelson said. “I don’t think there’s anything to lose by spreading it out over six months or so.”

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