Getting ready for Tax Season

Tax season is upon us and one of the most common questions we get from clients this time of year is “What tax documents should I be expecting?”  This is a list of the most common items you will need to collect to prepare your taxes, including the ones that relate to your investment accounts and everything […]

Learn More about Donor-Advised Funds

We hope your New Year is off to a great start. One thing that we have done a lot more of in recent years is set up donor-advised funds for our clients. There are many reasons why these have become popular, and the following article lists many of them. If giving to charities is important […]

Building wealth can be boring. In fact, it usually is.

I don’t have a list of steps to double your net worth by next year. I can’t give you a recipe to retire early with a huge nest egg without making any sacrifices. I don’t know how to beat the market or get high yields with no risk. For most of us, it doesn’t work […]

Year-End Planning Tips for Retirees and Pre-Retirees

The end of the year can remind us of last-minute things we need to address and the goals we want to pursue. Let’s work on these Together.  Here are a few that made it to the top of our list. Investments If you are still working, be sure you are on track to maximize your […]

Is Inflation Here to Stay? What it Means for Your Portfolio.

A chalkboard with the word inflation and dollar signs on it.

I imagine that everyone reading this has noticed a rapid increase in the cost of most everything we buy. Well, it is official now, the US economy is inflating. On June 16, Federal Reserve Board Chair Powell acknowledged that the rate of inflation is exceeding expectations after the May inflation rate was reported at 5% […]

2020 Bear Market

A close up of some yellow and purple flowers

You woke up today to headlines that market futures fell overnight, and we are seeing another big drop so far today. You may be wondering if things have changed since our last message to you, and if you should do something different. Overnight, markets reacted to fears that many parts of the world, including the […]

A Volatile Week: What to Do Next

A bull and bear on top of a graph.

This is what we’ve planned for! Thoughts to remember in this period of market volatility. As investors, we know that we cannot achieve high long-term returns without periods of volatility, so we try to keep these market movements in perspective. Here are some of our thoughts. 2019 brought positive returns: S&P 500 up 29%, Dow up 22%, corporate […]

How to (not) use the yield curve when investing in stocks

A green background with a line graph and a blue line.

I get asked a lot by non-clients what I think the stock market is going to do.  I always tell these folks that I have no idea what it will do in the short run.  Stock prices could drop dramatically.  But in the long run, they go up. Right now many people are worried about […]